Microfood Indonesia is a local business that cultivates high quality Microgreens. Our greenhouse is located in Bandung, which provides the most ideal climate for growing all year round. In order to ensure strong, healthy and highly flavoured Microgreens our greenhouse is run under a two-step structure. The first is a fully automated system which includes 24/7 air circulation which controls the humidity and climate as well as rotating fans and mist spray, which give our microgreens the best source of sunlight and fresh air. Our fully automated maintenance systems ensure the crops are well looked after. This consists of 24/7 air circulation that controls humidity and climate and rotating fans and mist spray. These elements provide the best circulation within our greenhouse meaning minimal mould or withering within our crops. Mineral and rain water systems as well as fishponds are used to nourish our crops as they do not contain chlorine or hard minerals, which affect the quality of the crops. 


We import our seeds from Australia, which are hand picked from the finest suppliers. We want organic open pollinated non-hybrid seed varieties that have no genetic engineering nor chemical treatment. After we plant the seeds in our open greenhouse ensuring natural sunshine and allowing the microgreens to grow at their natural pace, as opposed to rapid growth through the use of artificial lights. By using natural light, we are creating the most ideal environment for our microgreens to grow the highest quality. Coco peat is used as a soil additive as it has great oxidisation properties and releases nutrients over extended periods without re watering. This coupled with our kelp/seaweed fertiliser mixture we increase the overall quality and yield of our crops. 


When the growing cycle is complete we take quality assurance measures where our highly trained farmers inspect, process and package our microgreens resulting in extraordinary quality and freshness. To ensure consistent supply we run under a 3-day growth cycle interval meaning more micogreens are planted 3 days before the harvest. This allows for successful shipments of our produce all around Indonesia in less than 24 hours after harvest. By implementing these strategies within our overall business operations we achieve our mission thus providing best quality and prices for our consumers.